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    Poligras Tokyo GT brings sustainable hockey to Tokyo.

    Tokyo 2020 has set itself the goal of organising the first ever carbon-neutral Olympic Games. Poligras Tokyo GT (Green Technology) is a new sustainable hockey turf, developed by Sport Group to help Tokyo meet this goal.

    60% Sugar Cane. Saves CO2. Less Water.

    This new sustainable hockey turf is the first of its kind to feature filaments made from over 60% re-growable raw materials. Sport Group companies are using BioBased PE to add a sustainable dimension to the outstanding playing properties of its tried-and-tested polyethylene monofilament fibres. This world first sustainable hockey turf - Poligras Tokyo GT is now available from Sport Group brands Polytan, Astroturf and APT.

    Learn more about how we are making 'climate positive hockey' as Sport Group continues to transform the business of sport & space…


    Big in Japan

    Teams from Australia and Japan compete on the Poligras Tokyo GT surface at the Ready Steady Tokyo test event



     Meet Stefan Sick.

    The man behind our Green Success.


    The introduction of Sport Group's Poligras Tokyo GT turf is ground breaking for the industry.

    Find out more about the science behind what it takes to be leading the industry in green technologies.


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